Apple’s Now Selling the iPhone 8 for Just $499 (With a Catch)

This year’s iPhones have reached a new record in terms of how expensive they are, as the iPhone XS Max costs in the United States no less than $1,449 in the top-of-the-range configuration.

While criticism over the price of the iPhone is already something very common, Apple has recently made the older iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus substantially more affordable for customers who want to purchase a refurbished unit from the Apple Store.

Cupertino has announced a nearly 15 percent discount for this particular model, so you can buy the iPhone 8 from the Apple Store for just $499. If you want the bigger Plus version, it costs $599 refurbished as well.

iPhone 7 at special price too

In case you’re wondering what’s the difference between a brand-new and a refurbished iPhone, Apple says there’s not much to lose when getting a used device because each model passes a thorough inspection be... (read more)

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