Battlefield V Review (PS4)

Most of the times when you hear about a new FPS coming out, you'll probably be thinking about all the frags you'll be getting in online mode. Unfortunately, few games out there manage to come up with a good basis for why everyone is shooting each other, so the developers at EA realized that there is no better source material than the entirety of human history. However, while there are plenty of other WWII-centered shooters out there, few manage to capture the human side of the story the way Battlefield V does.

Emphasis on great storytelling

Full disclosure: I am not a major fan of the FPS genre, but I do appreciate a good story and the way it blends elements in a way that makes the entire painting seem complete. As such, I was captivated by the cinematics, but not by their graphics, but by the blend of story-telling, music and artistic portrayal of human sadness and misery caused by participating at a war no one asked for.

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