Civilization VI: is Gathering Storm to Bring Climate Change in February, 2019

Gathering Storm is the second major expansion for Civilization VI, providing players with new challenges and scenarios.

The first Civilization VI expansion was called Rise and Fall and introduced new factors that allowed civilizations to fall due to a number of circumstances. It’s also worth remembering that it was all the way back in February 2018.

It took a long time to get the second expansion, but it’s finally here. Players should be happy to know that it’s a consistent one, and, just like the previous one, it’s expected to enhance the gameplay with new technologies, goals, and gameplay mechanics

It’s launching in February

From the looks of it, Firaxis and 2K are planning to launch new expansion in February, which means that it will be a full year between two pieces of content released. And, if we take into consideration that Civilization VI had a lukewarm welcome, it seems like the developers are pushing things a little too much.

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