DNS Attacks Cost Organizations $715,000 On Average During 2018

During 2018, 77% of all organizations experienced at least one DNS-based cyber attack according to the data collected through a survey conducted by research firm Coleman Parkes on a sample of 1,000 organization from all over the world.

The organizations which took part in the study are active in the "Communications, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Services, Transportation, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, and Utilities" industry sectors.

Among the organizations that suffered a DNS attack during 2018, roughly a third of them also reported that they also suffered data theft which is usually the first stepping stone to even more severe attacks.

"The Cisco 2016 Security Report found 91% of malware use DNS. The malware can use DNS as a vector to prepare attacks (e.g. DoS amplification or communicate with CnC servers), as well as to attack the DNS service itself.

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