Fallout 76 Review (PC)

War, war never changes. But the Fallout franchise which made these words so memorable is quite the opposite. The series may have begun as a pretty niche role-playing game for lone wolves but now, especially under the ownership of Bethesda, it’s grown into a more mainstream experience.

After the major Fallout 4 installment, which introduced quite a few new things to the classic recipe, it’s time for the biggest shift yet in the RPG series - Fallout 76. While most of the same mechanics from 4 are returning, there is one major new addition: multiplayer.

Taking place right after the nuclear apocalypse but way before the action of previous games in the franchise, Fallout 76 lets you and your friends rip through the Appalachian region in North America, while still enjoying that classic vibe that made recent titles stand out from the crowd.

Is this major turn in the general direction of the series a fateful one or should this experience be nuked from existence? Let’s find out.

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