Get Destiny 2 For Free Right Now

You can now get Destiny 2 on PC for free if you log in into Blizzard and redeem it. There are no strings attached, and it’s going to be yours forever.

Just like a drug dealer, the first taste is free. The idea is that you check out Destiny 2 and you like it so much that you want to get the rest of the content that’s been made available so far. Joking aside, allowing players to access the base game for free is a good decision, and it should bring more people into the mix.

Let’s not forget that Destiny 2 is largely a multiplayer game, and that means that it needs players to feel alive. While you can get through the single-player campaign, there is much more to be played with your friends or other people.

Free until November 18th

Unlike other occasions when some game was free to play during weekends, with Destiny 2 things are a little bit different. The game is now free to download and play, and it will remain like this until November 18t... (read more)

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