Google Has Employs Machine Learning to Protect Users Who Install Apps from APKs

After launching the Google Play Protect Android service back in May 2017, Google today provided a closer look at how their machine learning-based app security scanner also helps Android users who don't install apps from the Google Play Store to stay safe.

According to Google's blog post, "Google Play Protect analyzes every app that it can find on the internet. We created a dataset by decomposing each app's APK and extracting PHA signals with deep analysis."

This means that even though one will install an Android app from an .APK Android app executable file, the Google Play Protect service will have potentially stumbled upon it while browsing the web searching for Android apps to scan.

Google Play Protect can protect Android users from Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs), which according to Google's classification can be backdoors, spyware, data collection tools.

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