Hack the Air Force 3.0 Bug Bounty Announced by USAF

The Hack the Air Force 3.0 bug bounty program organized in collaboration with HackerOne has been announced by the U.S. Air Force to take place from October 19 to November 5.

"Up to 600 eligible applicants will be invited to participate in the challenge. Invitations will be issued to eligible participants during the challenge at regular intervals," according to HackerOne.

All Hack the Air Force bug bounty participants are able to uncover Air Force website vulnerabilities, helping the U.S. Department of the Air Force to boost and strengthen its cyber posture.

This third installment allows security experts enrolled in the four-week-long program to find security issues in the "DoD applications that were recently migrated to an Air Force-owned cloud environment."

"Hack the AF 3.0 demonstrates the Air Forces willingness to fix vulnerabilities that present critical risks to the network," according to Wanda Jones-Heath, chief inf... (read more)

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