How Microsoft Can Improve the Windows 10 Desktop Using Apple’s Ideas

One of the most exciting updates that Microsoft is working on right now on the Windows 10 front is a light theme which is currently available for Windows insiders in the latest Fast ring build.

With this light theme, Microsoft pushes the Windows 10 UI a step forward in a more modern direction that aligns with other improvements for the operating system, including the adoption of the Fluent Design language.

Needless to say, focusing on a light mode in Windows 10 is the natural thing to do after rolling out a dark theme, and once this becomes available, users would be provided with a much more advanced customization package than it was the case in the first OS versions.

But at the same time, Microsoft can further improve this approach with ideas borrowed from none other than its long-time rival Apple.

Right now, macOS Mojave comes with a feature called Dynamic Desktop, which allows users to configure the desktop so it looks more lively, making it adapt to the time.

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