How Microsoft Messes Up the Windows 10 UI in Just One Photo

Microsoft’s migration towards a modern operating system has created additional challenges for the company, as Windows 10 now needs to connect two different worlds and ensure a smooth transition between them.

I’m talking about the classic, Win32 interface and the touch-optimized one that’s powered by the Microsoft Store and Fluent Design.

As part of this effort to interconnect them, however, Microsoft got lost somewhere in between, and the result is what we can all see in Windows 10 right now.

The little details are the ones that matter, and a photo that’s now viral on reddit shows that UI consistency is something Windows 10 never heard of. The user interface in Windows 10 relies on no less than eight different shades of grey, which are implemented in different parts of the operating system.

Microsoft can’t decide on just a shade of greyread more)

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