How to Activate Windows 10 with a Windows 7 Product Key in 2018

While Windows 7 is still a solid choice if you’re looking for an operating system to work and play on your computer, the approaching end of support should already make you think about upgrading to Windows 10.

Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates after January 2020, and this means that new vulnerabilities discovered in the operating system would remain unpatched.

In other words, should you stay on Windows 7 beyond this date, your computer would be left without any updates, so any bugs or issues you come across will just stay there for ever.

For many users, not upgrading to Windows 10 is just a subjective decision. They either hate the modern interface in Windows 10 or think the OS has become too bloated, so staying with Windows 7 is what works for them.

For others, however, it all comes down to spending money on a new license... (read more)

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