How to Always Run a Specific Windows 10 Application with Administrator Rights

Running Windows apps with administrator rights makes it possible for the program to apply system changes that would otherwise be blocked thanks to the security features implemented by Microsoft.

Launching an application with elevated privileges is quite easy and most often, it’s enough to just right-click the executable file, click the option that reads Run as administrator, click yes in the User Account Control prompt, and you’re good to go.

Some IT pros like to do this the hard way using Control Panel. They launch CMD with administrator rights (type cmd.exe in the Start menu, right-click the result and click Run as administrator), then they manually browse to the location of the app and launch the app with elevated privileges automatically.

Certainly, these solutions should be enough for the majority of users, but when you have to do this over and over again for the same app, isn’t it a lot easier to just configure the app to launch wi... (read more)

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