How to Back Up File Associations in Windows 10 Version 1809

The default app setup in Windows 10 has become quite a hot topic after the latest OS feature updates released by Microsoft, as some users claimed their configurations were reset when the operating system was upgraded.

Basically, a number of Windows 10 adopters suggested that Microsoft automatically reset their default apps when upgrading their computers to the new releases, in an attempt to convince them to stick with apps like Microsoft Edge browser.

And while this is something that has never been confirmed, backup up the default app configuration is something that could help deal with this issue quite easily. And at the same time, the same configuration can be restored after the OS reinstall or upgrade with just one command.

The same trick comes in handy to system administrators who are trying to set the same defaults on more than one system in their organization.

Technically, they can create a backup of the default app setup on one system and then restore it t... (read more)

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