How to Enable the Caps Lock Warning in Windows 10 19H1

Microsoft is getting more and more focused on the accessibility side of the Windows 10 operating system, and every new preview build released as part of the Windows Insider program comes with new improvements in this regard.

Most recently, the software giant rolled out Windows 10 build 18272, a preview of the 19H1 update due in the spring of 2019 – if the same release schedule is used, this update should be finalized in March.

Like the rest of the builds, 18272 introduces a new Narrator feature that can warn when the Caps Lock key is activated.

Narrator is a special accessibility tool in Windows 10 specifically aimed at visually impaired users, being able to read what’s on the screen and provide guidance for using the computer. In this new preview build, Narrator can also warn when the Caps Lock is pressed, so that users with low vision can know when they are typing in caps.

How to enable and disable the Caps Lock warning

Enabling the Caps Lock ... (read more)

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