I Used Windows 7 for One Week and Now I Like It More than Windows 10

Depending on who you ask, Windows 10 is very close to overtaking Windows 7 or it has already managed to do it, with its market share increasing every single month.

And while there’s no doubt that more and more users move to Windows 10, many still consider Windows 7 the right choice for a wide variety of reasons, beginning with the simplified experience and ending with the bloatware-free approach.

After installing Windows XP on an old laptop just to figure out that the 2001 operating system is still a pretty good choice for old hardware, I decided to use Windows 7 exclusively for one full week in order to see if it’s still worth running it at a time when Microsoft is all about Windows 10.

And as it turns out, there’s actually a good reason why so many people stick with Windows 7 these days, and after several days with it, I kind of like... (read more)

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