Microsoft and Google Working on Google Chrome for Windows 10 ARM

Even though Google has never been a big supporter of Microsoft’s modern platforms, the search giant is believed to be working on bringing its super-popular Google Chrome browser to Windows 10 on ARM.

Devices running Windows 10 on ARM, also referred to as Always-Connected PCs, are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile processors optimized for x86 emulation.

While in terms of performance these devices do not match their x86 siblings, Always-Connected PCs can deliver outstanding battery life, sometimes reaching more than 20 hours per charge.

At this point, however, they are limited to just a handful of apps, including Microsoft Edge as the only browser available for Windows 10 on ARM.

But as Qualcomm recently confirmed, Google is already working on porting Google Chrome to Windows 10 on ARM, and according to recent findings, the project... (read more)

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