Microsoft Brings Ads to Another Windows 10 App - UPDATE

UPDATE: Microsoft says the ads were only an experiment and weren't supposed to show up on consumer devices. As a result, the company has pulled them and will no longer be displayed on preview builds and final versions of Windows 10. Original story below.

Microsoft seems ready to embark onto a new adventure full of criticism, as the company has started testing ads in the default Windows 10 Mail app.

While the idea isn’t new, it looks like the approach has recently been refreshed to target non-Office 365 subscribers as well, with ads now showing within the email client for a number of users in the Windows Insider program.
I can confirm I saw the exact same ad on Windows 10 build 18282, and AL reports that this is happening for users who aren’t subscribed to Office 365.

Microsoft is betting big on Office 365, as the subscription-based productivity suite.

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