Microsoft Launcher Updated with Android Pie Improvements

Microsoft has released a new version of Microsoft Launcher for Android that brings several refinements to the app, including improvements specifically aimed at Android Pie devices.

As you may know already, Android Pie is the latest and greatest version of Android so far, and it is currently rolling out to devices worldwide.

And with more and more phones getting it as we speak, the number of issues found in software running on Android Pie is increasing, and Microsoft Launcher makes no exception.

As explained in the official changelog, Microsoft Launcher 5.0.2 fixes an issue that caused the wallpaper to become black on a number of Android P devices. The company doesn’t say what are these Android Pie devices, but if you’ve bugs like these, now you know that updating is the right way to go.

Microsoft also explains that this new version comes with other crash and bug fixes so Microsoft Launcher should be substantially improved now after the update.

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