Microsoft Now Allows ARM64 Apps in the Windows 10 Store

Microsoft has just announced that developers can now create their own 64-bit ARM (ARM64) applications, and they can then submit their projects to be listed for download in the Microsoft Store.

Beginning with Visual Studio 15.9, developers are being provided with an officially supported SDK for ARM64 apps, after Microsoft previously announced a preview at the Build developer conference earlier this year.

“Developers can use Visual Studio 15.9 today to recompile apps – both UWP and C++ Win32 – to run natively on Windows 10 on ARM devices. Running natively allows applications to take full advantage of the processing power and capabilities of Windows 10 on ARM devices, resulting in the best possible experience for users,” Microsoft explains.

The Windows 10 on ARM push

The goal here is to increase the number of apps targeting Windows 10 on ARM, which is Microsoft’s platform that’s running on Snapdragon chips and power devices capable of offering stunn... (read more)

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