Microsoft Releases New Achievement Badges for Insiders as Feedback Is Critical

If you’re a Windows 10 user participating in the Insider program, now there’s a new reason for you to always be up-to-date with everything Microsoft releases to testers.

The company announced new achievement badges that are offered to insiders based on the number of builds they install as part of the program.

“Badges are awarded weekly to Insiders. All Insider rings qualify, but the Fast and Slow ring builds will advance you to the next level of achievement. These badges are a small token of our appreciation for your impact in ensuring we deliver a quality product that our customers will love,” Microsoft explains.

The new achievement badges, which were announced in late October but have mostly gone unnoticed, can be earned once you install the first preview build, becoming what Microsoft calls a flight lieutenant.

The more builds you install, the more achievements you receive, growing to become flight captain, flight major, flight commander, and eventually build.

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