Microsoft Update Causing Inaccurate Battery Readings on Surface Devices

A new bug is said to be hitting Microsoft’s very own Surface, as a recent firmware update is causing inaccurate battery readings on a number of devices.

Users posts on reddit indicate that the issue appeared after the latest updates released by Microsoft and it mostly comes down to Windows no longer showing when the Surface device is plugged in.

Furthermore, users explain that the battery capacity is no longer accurately displayed, with sudden drops in battery life, often leading to unexpected shutdowns due to drained batteries.

By the looks of things, the issue is hitting more than just one model, and until now, I’ve seen reports pointing to a similar behavior on the Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Pro. Other Surface devices, like Surface Laptop and Surface Book, aren’t impacted.

I haven’t seen a similar issue on my first-generation Surface B... (read more)

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