Most Firefox Users Run Windows 10 (And They Don’t Care About Microsoft Edge)

Windows 10 is now the operating system of choice for most Mozilla Firefox users, according to a new set of statistics provided by the company.

By the looks of things, Windows 10 managed to overtake Windows 7 in late October to become the leading desktop operating system for users of Mozilla’s browser.

Right now, Windows 10 is topping the charts with 40.696% share in the Firefox userbase, followed pretty closely by Windows 7 with 40.401%. Windows 8.1 is third and very far behind with 7.285%.

Why not using Microsoft Edge?

These stats are not at all surprising and they, in fact, reveal something that Microsoft’s isn’t going to like.

First of all, these numbers show that Windows 10 is indeed growing in terms of adoption worldwide, and overtaking Windows 7 in all charts is the best thing that could happen now. Windows 7 is projected to reach the end of support in January 2020 and Microsoft needs Windows 10 to be installed on as many PCs as possible i... (read more)

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