New HealthEquity Data Breach Exposes PII/PHI of Almost 21,000 Customers

HealthEquity, an IRS non-bank health savings trustee who is handling more than 3.4 million health savings accounts, was breached when an intruder accessed the email accounts of two HealthEquity team members, exposing the Protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII) of 20,906 subscribers.

According to HealthEquity's data breach notification, "The unauthorized access occurred, in the case of one account, on October 5, and in the case of the other, on different occasions between September 4, 2018, and October 3, 2018. "

The HealthEquity organization manages 401(k) accounts, flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement, and a number of other services for approximately 40,000 companies.

HealthEquity was also the victim of a data breach during June 2018 when a phishing attack exposed the personal healthcare information (PHI) of an estimated number of 23,000 subs... (read more)

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