Overwatch Is Free to Play for Almost a Week

Blizzard really wants you to play Overwatch, and they are now promoting yet another free weekend for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

In case you didn’t already know this, there is a small company called Blizzard that makes cute games. Among them is a little-known title called Overwatch that wants to make it big, someday. You can help Blizzard fulfill their dream by playing Overwatch, for free, November 20-26.

Seriously now, how come there are people out there that haven’t played Overwatch until now? I’m guessing that there are still a lot of you because Blizzard has these free trial events quite often, and the main reason would be to attract new players.

It’s the full game

Even if it’s called a free trial, players will be able to access the entire roster of 29 heroes, and all of the maps. “For this free trial, we're making the ultimate team-based shooter’s entire content available including the full roster of 29 heroes—including the newly.

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