Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review (PS4)

The world is playing football, and the Americans are playing soccer. Now we can all play Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, which is arguably the best one in the series.

When games arrive in yearly installments, the differences are never going to be all that significant from one iteration to the other. And that was true for Pro Evolution Soccer, which was always marginally better than in the previous year. That all changed with the PES 2019, which vastly improves upon the recipe.

We also have to recognize that Pro Evolution Soccer has been living in the shadow of FIFA for quite some time. There was a time, maybe a decade ago, when the two franchises were sharing the first place and the community was always in contention about which one is the best.

While the two games have been drifting apart since then, the core gameplay can still be compared. And we can’t ignore the fact that FIFA 19 is also out and that everyone else is doing the same thing, meaning drawing comparisons... (read more)

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