Razer Launches BlackWidow Lite, a More Affordable Mechanical Keyboard

Razer revealed the new BlackWidow Lite, a new product that’s meant to bring the mechanical keyboard quality to the masses.

We all know that Razer makes high-quality products, but we also know that they are not usually all that cheap. Most of their keyboards, for example, go way past the $100 mark, which is usually too much.

Just imagine building your own PC, and you’ve just spent $500 on a new and relatively powerful graphics cards. Are you ready to pay another $200 on a keyboard? For a lot of people, the answer is going to be a resounding no.

The solution would be to either go for a cheaper keyboard, but Razer didn’t have one, at least not until now. With the latest BlackWidow Lite, Razer is hoping to convince consumers that they do have a more affordable alternative.

It’s supposed to be for everyone

People like Razer keyboards because of the keys, so for BlackWidow Lite to be successful it needs to have proper mechanical keys.

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