Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Feature a 6.66-Inch 4K Display

Samsung may be ready to set a new personal record with the release of its next-generation phones, as the 2019 lineup could include a series of devices with even larger displays.

The most recent reports indicate that the Note 10 will be a massive upgrade in this regard, as the South Korean firm wants to use a 6.6-inch screen with 4K support.

Without a doubt, this a major update from the 6.4-inch display currently used on the Galaxy Note 9, though there’s a chance that the overall dimensions of the smartphone wouldn’t change much.

As you might have noticed lately, most phone makers have embarked into an effort to reduce phone bezels and at the same time, to increase the available screen estate. This allows for bigger screens to be fitted into phone bodies that feature nearly the same dimensions, and so you end up with an iPhone X that has a 5.8.

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