Samsung Galaxy S10 May Launch Without an Iris Scanner

Samsung is reportedly hard at work on increasing the available screen estate on the Galaxy S10, and while recent evidence has shown that the company could embed the fingerprint sensor in the display and drill a hole in the screen for the camera, it looks like other big changes are planned too.

Basically, what Samsung wants to do is to make the display as large as possible, and by moving the front-facing camera under it, the company resolves one major headache, all without embracing Apple’s rather controversial notch.

On the other hand, the South Korean firm still has one big dilemma: the iris sensor that’s been around since the Galaxy Note 7 and which provides an alternative unlocking mode.

Samsung doesn’t offer 3D sensing cameras like Apple, but the iris scanner does provide above the average security for people who want a little bit more convenience.

Coming in early 2019

And by the looks of things... (read more)

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