Samsung Patents Fullscreen Display Smartphone with Sensors, Camera Under Screen

A Samsung patent describing edge-to-edge smartphone with all the sensors and the camera placed under the screen has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on October 24, as discovered by LetsGoDigital.

First of all, the patent details a full-screen front panel, "As a user would like to view various contents with a larger screen than that of a conventional device, a display area increases; and, in order to enhance the aesthetic sense, a display is disposed at an entire front surface of the electronic device."

Moreover, the smartphone's front camera will be set directly in the middle of the printed circuit board (PCB), using a hole in the display of the device for the camera lens but with the cover panel being left intact.

The patented smartphone also features a number of sensors and components set right under the cover panel, with the micro... (read more)

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