Samsung to Launch White Galaxy Note 9 on November 23

While all the eyes seem to be on the upcoming Galaxy S10, Samsung doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to bring the next flagship to the market and instead focuses on its typical approach of rolling out special colors for its existing devices.

For example, one of the next product launches could be none other than a white Galaxy Note 9, which according to a report from Taiwanese website ePrice, could see daylight locally on November 23.

Whether or not this release date is the same as in other markets still remains to be seen, but what’s almost certain is that that the Note 9 in white wouldn’t go on sale globally, but only in specific markets, like Taiwan, China and maybe, just maybe, the United States.

Same specs as existing Note 9

Aside from the white color, there’s not much you’re going to get on this special-edition Note 9. While the S Pen also comes in white, the device has the same.

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