Stealthy DarkGate Cryptocurrency Mining and Ransomware Evades AV Detection

A very complex cryptocurrency mining and ransomware campaign dubbed DarkGate is currently targeting Windows workstations from Spain and France.

As discovered by enSilo researcher Adi Zeligson, the DarkGate malware has an extensive collection of abilities from stealthy cryptocurrency mining and crypto stealing to dropping ransomware on the compromised machines and providing remote control access to its masters.

Although the fact that DarkGate is using a wide array of techniques to remain undetected while successfully being able to take advantage of the victim's computing resources is impressive enough on its own, there's something even more fascinating in the background after the malware infiltrates a target.

enSilo determined during their research that DarkGate's master is using "a reactive Command and Control infrastructure which is staffed by human operators who act upon receiving notifications of new infect... (read more)

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