The Feature You’ve Always Wanted: Search from the Android Keyboard on Bing

Microsoft keeps improving SwiftKey with more and more features on both Android and iOS, and part of this plan is adding integration with its other services.

The most recent beta version of SwiftKey for Android, for instance, comes with a search option that basically allows users to search the web using Bing right from the keyboard.

That’s right, you no longer need to launch a browser or another app, as you can search for anything online using Microsoft’s Bing right from the Android keyboard. I really hope you feel the irony here.

Microsoft doesn’t allow users to change the search engine integrated into SwiftKey, so while the feature could actually be useful, it’s limited to Bing. So no, there’s no Google search for the time being, and there’s still no word as to whether the company is pondering adding it in a future update.

No support for Google search

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