This Is What the Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Look Like According to Samsung Itself

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the next big launch in the mobile business, and the closer we get to its debut, the more information on the device make the rounds.

Today, we receive an early glimpse into what the Galaxy S10 could look like when getting the go-ahead in early 2019, all thanks to drawings that Samsung has included in a patent it received lately.

Discovered by Let’s Go Digital, the patent proposes several design ideas for the Galaxy S10, out of which several have already made the rounds lately, more or less confirming that there’s indeed a chance the phone may look like this.

What’s interesting to note is that in all drawings, the front-facing camera is placed in the top left corner, just like it was rumored earlier this month.

Camera embedded into the screen

It’s believed the... (read more)

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