Users Blast Microsoft for Making OneNote UWP the New Default in Office 2019

Microsoft announced earlier this year that Office 2019 would launch with the UWP version of OneNote built in, while the desktop version would only be available optionally for users of the productivity suite.

By making OneNote UWP the default choice in Office 2019, Microsoft more or less leaves OneNote for the desktop behind, putting all the focus on the Microsoft Store version of the app in terms of new features and updates.

And while Microsoft says users can still download and install OneNote 2016 if they want to run the desktop version, many people are actually disappointed with the direction the company has embraced and call for a change of mind in Office 2019.

OneNote 2016 for the desktop not going away

Posts on UserVoice show that a growing number of users want OneNote for desktop to be part of Office ... (read more)

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