Watch Microsoft’s and Apple’s 2018 Holiday Commercials

As it happens every year, tech giants release new ads for the holiday season, and Apple and Microsoft are among the first to do it this time.

Just as expected, both are rather emotional, though, for 2018, the two companies have embraced different approaches for their holiday ads.

First off, it’s Microsoft, who turned to the Xbox Adaptive Controller to show how technology can empower every person on the planet to do anything.

The software company turned to Owen, a nine and a half-year-old boy suffering from Escobar Syndrome, which limits his mobility, to showcase how investments in technology, in this case, the Adaptive Controller, can reduce the impact diseases have on people’s lives.

“The moment of joy experienced by the children celebrating together when Owen wins the game reminds us of the spirit of the holiday season and illustrates Microsoft’s overall mission to create accessible technology that levels the playing field and creates opportunity for all of us,... (read more)

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