What Should Microsoft Call the Next Windows 10 Versions?

Microsoft is considering a new naming approach for the future versions of Windows 10, after the company has already changed its mind several times since the first release of the OS went live in mid-2015.

According to reports, the software giant may switch to elements for the fall 2019 and early 2020 Windows 10 feature updates, which could eventually be codenamed Vanadium and Vibranium.

Here’s how Windows 10 evolved so far in its three years on the market.

The first two versions used Halo as the source of internal codenames, so while the original Windows 10 10240 was known as Threshold, the very first feature update was referred to as Threshold 2.

Microsoft then had the first change of mind, and decided to leave Halo behind and go for Minecraft, which in the meantime has become one of its main assets. Instead of Threshold, Microsoft started calling... (read more)

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