Windows 7 Can Now Feel Windows 10 Breathing Down Its Neck

New market share data shows that Windows 10 is incredibly close to overtaking Windows 7 and become the world’s number one desktop operating system.

Updated numbers for the month of October were published only a few minutes ago by NetMarketShow, and they confirm Windows 10 adoption is on the rise, while Windows 7’s share declines every month.

Right now, Windows 7 continues to be the number one desktop platform with 39.35%, down from 40.88% in the previous month, but this drop has brought Windows 10 much closer.

Microsoft’s latest operating system now has a share of 38.28%, an increase from 37.44% in September, and if this trend is maintained next month, there’s a good chance a switch of places finally happens.

Windows 7 end-of-support date

Windows 7’s current market share is impressive, to say the least, especially given that it survived Microsoft’s aggressive push for Windows 10 when the operating system was offered as a free upgrade.

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