Wut? Samsung Will Allow Free Themes on Android Pie to Be Used for Just 14 Days

Samsung is getting ready to implement a new controversial policy on devices updated to Android Pie that would technically block users for running a free theme on their phones for more than 14 days.

In a notification that’s now displayed in the Samsung Themes store, the company warns that free themes can only be used for 14 days, after which phones are automatically restored to the stock visual style.

However, Samsung says it’ll let you know when this is about to happen, as you will receive a warning one day and 10 minutes before the free theme you are using is automatically disabled.

As for the reasons the South Korean firm thinks this is a good idea, Samsung explains in the notification that the whole approach is supposed to help contributors to the theme store.

In other words, Samsung hopes that by limiting the use of free themes, there are bigger chances you would switch to a paid one. Spending money on themes would eventually encourage more developers to crea... (read more)

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